Sunshine Coast Cover Band

Brothers in Groove (B-I-G) is The Sunshine Coast Groovy cover band  that plays Groovy and Rocky Tunes depending on the venues and occasions they play at.

An auditory avalanche of funk rhythms, soul grooves and classic favourites as well Aussie Rock that have been given the B-I-G treatment.

Every member of the Brothers in Groove brings, B-I-G attitude, from the insane beats of John Benstead on drums, the hypnotic rhythms of Doe Prijono on bass, the insane licks of “Guru” Harry Gusman on guitar and the amazing vocals of brother Nick Reeve.

With an eclectic repertoire of R&B, Blues, Rock, Reggae, Funk and Pop favourites, B-I-G list some of their influences as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, INXS, Eric Clapton, The Angles and much, much more.

If you’ve got two feet and a heart beat you won’t be able to resist shaking your tushy and tapping your toes to B-I-G sound. Whether you’re looking to book a band for your club, corporate function, or major event the Brothers in Groove are your ultimate hip swaying, booty shaking, party band.

We must warn you however; listening to B.I.G is highly addictive and it seems that live music lovers can’t get enough of their powerhouse sound. Once you’ve heard them for yourself, you’ll be coming back for more and more.